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New #arduino code for Rolly Mk. I robot

My Rolly Mk. I robot in APC magazine last year has been a huge hit with readers, but some have had trouble with various parts of the project, so I’ll quickly address a couple of them here.
First, NEW CODE – the good news is some new code. In fact, in this month’s issue of APC magazine, I’ve designed the new and improved Mk. II robot with an new acrylic chassis. Why good news? Because the new Mk. II software should… Read more

[ARDUINO PROJECT] Build a stereo peak program meter with #arduino

My Arduino Masterclass story on how to build a Stereo Peak Program Meter has just gone up on the APC magazine website.
Peak Program Meters (PPMs) have essentially replaced the old VU meter in audio recording, thanks largely to the shift to digital recording. A PPM measures logarithmic voltage changes but in a linear display. Specifically, my project uses an Arduino Nano to show a stereo analog audio input on two banks of ten LEDs. The trick here is that you… Read more

How-to: build a digital photo frame with #arduino

Recently, I had a play with one of the new low-cost single-piece LCD shields hitting the market and while I’ve got some other projects in mind for it, it was a no-brainer to test it out with as a simple digital photo frame for my monthly Arduino Masterclass in APC magazine.
Thanks to its on-board microSD card reader, I’ve built up a sketch that turns the shield and a standard Arduino Uno into a neat little digital photo frame. These… Read more

Stereo Peak Program Meter – schematic

In this month’s 400th issue of APC magazine, my Arduino Masterclass shows you how to build a stereo peak program meter (a modern-day VU meter). Unfortunately, the circuit diagram was published a little small, so if you’re having trouble reading it, click on the thumbnail opposite for a larger view.
It uses an Arduino Nano plus some multiplexing tricks to create a stereo display consisting of 10 LEDs per channel, each set to 6dB (so as set, the display shows… Read more

Freetronics’ big red DMD lights up on Arduino

Working on some upcoming Arduino projects for APC magazine, I’ve been having some fun with this 32×16-LED dot-matrix display (DMD) from local Aussie mob, Freetronics.
The one thing that has surprised me about it so far is how bright the LEDs are just driven by an Arduino Uno board without external power. I can imagine powered by a sizeable external brick, this thing could be seen half-way to Melbourne – well, maybe not, but then again…
Obviously, it has plenty… Read more