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An Arduino microcontroller for less than a cup of coffee

In the latest issue of APC magazine… Read more, my Arduino Masterclass looks at the major Arduino boards doing the rounds, including Intel’s new Galileo X86 option.
But even since that story was written, Arduino clone board prices have dropped even further – which had me asking the question of just how cheap can you get an Arduino happening?
Well, assuming you want an actual board and not a DIY version that sits on a breadboard (although I love this idea),

New post on APCmag.com – Arduino on Twitter

APC Magazine (apcmag.com) has just uploaded my new Arduino project – a Twitter weatherstation.
It’s a simple project that automatically tweets location temperature and humidity using a DHT11 sensor and W5100 Ethernet Shield. Using just three components, you can tweet your current temperature and humidity data at regular intervals you can program.
The idea of this project is to show off the W5100 Ethernet Shield and how you can connect your Arduino microcontroller direct to the internet – in this case, Twitter… Read more

New Arduino Robot Masterclass goes up on APC website

One of the great things about Arduino is its ability to lots of fun stuff. Rolly is a simple mini robot I developed for APC magazine that shows how easy it is to get this little microcontroller board to think for itself and navigate around in the big wide world.
Even with rechargeable batteries, it shouldn’t cost you more than $80 to build. The APC story covers everything – the parts you need, how to put it together and importantly, the… Read more

Learning to program Arduino…

Arduino is the name for an little open-source 8-bit microcontroller board developed in Italy and designed to teach students not just how to program but also the real-world issues of interfacing digital technology with real world devices like LEDs, motors, speakers, sensors and more.
For the last eight months or so, I’ve been writing an Arduino Masterclass in APC magazine and so far, we’ve covered building:
* an electronic die
* digital thermometer/hygrometer
* a personal TV weather channel
*… Read more