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Turn an Arduino Uno into a digital audio recorder

One of the great things about Atmel’s ATMEGA328P microcontroller that powers the Arduino Uno boards is the sheer versatility of the chip. It might only clock in at 16MHz and process data in 8-bit chunks, but it has so many practical real-world interface options that helps it punch well above its weight.
My favourite part of the chip is the ADC or ‘analog to digital converter’. By rights, it’s only a 10-bit ADC and only has a rated sample rate… Read more

Build your own Digital Audio Recorder from #arduino

The first part of my Digital Audio Recorder project has just hit the APC mag website.
I had heaps of fun putting this project together – and now you can do it yourself. The story includes all you need to know to build it, including the software that turns the Arduino Uno into a digital recorder.
The project records analog audio via a 3.5mm stereo panel socket to a MicroSD card in WAV format, playable on any WAV-compatible device or… Read more