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Five reasons why Windows XP lasted this long

The end is nigh for Windows XP with the world’s longest-suriving Windows operating system reaching the end of its extended support come April 8 this year. If you took a poll on which of the Microsoft’s OS releases over the last 20 years would become the most popular and longest lasting, you might’ve picked up good odds on XP, so after more than 12 years of solid service, here are some reasons I think why it’s lasted this long.
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Windows XP enters the last mile – support ends in one year

It’s the operating system that has lasted longer than any other, but Microsoft has today begun flagging that its ever-popular Windows XP has entered into the final phase of official support.
The software giant will officially end support for the 2001-era OS in exactly a year’s time on April 8, 2014. That means there’ll be no more technical support or security updates made available after this date.
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Q&A – My Windows XP netbook won’t play DVD movies. How do I fix this?

A. For various reasons, Windows XP doesn’t come with any software to play DVD movies.
All you need though is the right software (I’m assuming here you’ve got an external DVD drive to play the actual movie disc). And that software is VLC media player.
Get this… Read more, install it, run it and you should find it’ll present you with your disc’s top menu.
VLC plays a whole heap of other video formats too so don’t just think this is